QAF: 2×15

August 1, 2017

It’s the episode where Rage was born!  This week, we welcome longtime fandom member, Jen (@jagnikjen​) to the podcast.  In 2x15, some characters shine and others flounder - Emmett deals with the aftermath of George’s death and Ted steps in to comfort him, Mel and Linds take on some sitcom style loft renovations, and Brian lets his jealousy get the better of him.

QAF: 2×14

July 18, 2017

Sometimes Queer as Folk is as hilarious as it is dramatic.  This week, Rachel (@racheloddment) joins us once again for one of The Thumpa Thumpa’s most supersized episodes!  There is hilarity stemming from Ted and Brian’s unforgettable drunken interactions, yet there is sadness as friction forms between Debbie and Michael, and Emmett experiences a tragic loss. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

QAF: 2×13

July 4, 2017

This week, Sy (@syrenhug) joins us to discuss all things 2x13! Brian steps in to help Lindsay and Melanie secure a spot for Gus in a top-notch pre-school, and Justin makes some risky moves to pay for his own school. Meanwhile, Michael meets his dad for the very first time.  It’s an episode that explores absentee fathers, heterophobia, platonic kissing, and one where Brian Kinney provides a legendary answer to the question: “What kind of homosexual are you?”

QAF: 2×12

June 20, 2017

We begin this week with a very special Pride-themed message from our friend @racheloddment, as she shares her personal pride story, along with the stories of some of our lovely listeners.  Then, you listeners are in for a real treat as we welcome the wonderful Matt to chat about 2x12 - an episode where Debbie Novotny saves Pittsburgh!  There are many cringe-worthy moments abound, but many important ones too, including Michael finally letting go of his romantic feelings for Brian.

QAF: 2×11

June 6, 2017

The Thumpa Thumpa is back and we’re super excited to bring you the second half of season 2!  To kick things off, we welcome first-time guest Soni (@britinbritin) to discuss one of Queer as Folk’s most hilarious and touching episodes.  Join us to relive memorable moments like Emmett going butt shopping, Ted making a regrettable purchase (OFF A BLANKET!), and Lindsay and Melanie’s friends coming together to turn a series of mishaps into a beautiful wedding ceremony <3

QAF: 2×10

April 11, 2017

We’ve officially reached the midpoint of season two!  This week, we welcome Pace (@mailroomorder), a wonderful new voice to the podcast, as we delve into episode 2x10 - where Michael mourns the loss of Captain Astro, Emmett and George connect on a deeper level, cracks begin to show in Brian and Justin’s relationship, and the body of Jason Kemp is discovered in a dumpster, prompting an enraged Debbie to take action.  Throw in a little Justin and Emmett appreciation, and you’ve got an episode that shouldn’t be missed!

QAF: 2×09

March 28, 2017

Ted gets himself into a fare share of embarrassing situations and this one is a real pickle.  This week, we’re happy to have Hilary (@lindsaypetersons) return to discuss 2x09 - an episode where Ted has a very “hard” time, Debbie has some less than shining moments, Michael tries to win Ben back, and Brian does his best to deal with his abusive and deeply religious mother.

QAF: 2×08

March 14, 2017

Everyone loves Emmett Honeycutt, including his secret admirer.  This week, we’re fortunate to have Emily (@deep-fried-cheesecake) join us for a look at episode 2x08.  After breaking up with Ben, Michael starts dating again, Justin goes to a party and meets someone his own age; Mel and Linds enjoy traumatizing Michael with tales of their epic sex life, and Emmett meets his mysterious secret admirer - George Schickel, of Schickel’s Pickles - the pickles people prefer.

QAF: 2×07

February 28, 2017

We want you safe...and we want you around for a long time. It's a common theme in this episode, where we explore the gang's varied reactions to learning Michael is dating HIV+ Ben. We're so lucky to have Spencer (@busydayofcrazy), a grad student studying queer media with a focus on the rhetoric surrounding HIV join us for this episode to offer some thoughtful insight on a tough subject.  And of course, we can't forget Emmett... erm, Fetch Dixon's growing fame or Lindsay's struggle to gain the approval of her parents, culminating in one of the wildest parties Pittsburgh has ever seen. 

QAF: 2×06

February 14, 2017

Queer as Folk reminds us that, sometimes, beneath a mild mannered appearance beats the heart of a superhero.  This week, Sarah (@celebrate-the-victories) returns to chat with Emy about an episode with series-long impact. After following his dreams, Michael meets the man of his dreams in the form of Ben Bruckner, Brian and Justin set rules for the relationship which stay with them for years to come, and Lindsay learns intimate details about Melanie’s past, Finally, we answer the age old question – why in the world does Brian need Crisco?